Slumber Party Pricing

This form will help you determine the cost of a Pet Staycation at the top-rated, exclusive bed-and-breakfast... your home!

I am a ...

Please EXCLUDE exotic pets (fish, reptiles, birds, rabbits, etc.) from this count. They are included in the price.

Our walks / backyard time will be scheduled..

  • Three times: outside morning, 2-3pm, and bedtime!
  • Four times: outside morning, 12, 6, and bedtime!
  • Five times: outside morning, 11am , 3pm, 6pm, and bedtime!

This count is for the number of nights you'll need someone to sleep at your place.

This count is for the number of days you'll be out of town and need mid-day walks / backyard hangs.


Extras & Upgrades

Upgrade for extended stays! Ideal for families with multiple or exotic pets, active pups, and puppies. Enjoy personalized care emphasizing bathroom breaks, playtime, and lots of snuggles.

These buttons only work if you have input all numbers above (specifically, the number of mid-day bathroom breaks needed).

Ready to meet us?

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